Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lovin My Natural

The journey from chemical treated to natural hair has not been easy. But I will say that I've learned that what is important is the journey from the start to finish. Despite negativity and concern from those in around me (inner - outer circle), I am pressing on and am loving my natural!

This week I embarked on a new style in wearing my hair. It is not anything new or fabulous but I am proud that I DID IT on my own...and I'm loving the results (see to the right). Clearly I have a glow because today was one of the most interesting days I've had all summer. While walking about across campus, I was constantly getting looks and comments. See the stares/glares and words weren't hateful, but positive. People really notice my hair style and wanted to stop me in my path and let me know (verbally) or confirm my notion with looks.

As black women, I can say that I fell like most do....adhering to the stereotypes of how we are suppose to look and how to wear our hair. I was not brought up to hate myself or how God created me, but I really thought that natural hair, would not be becoming on someone like me or professional (for me). This was not to demean those who have always worn their natural hair, but it was my thoughts and what I felt was true. Lol. I laugh because I know now that I was ignorant to the meaning of true beauty, but also needed to personal grow (love myself even more). Today I am feeling myself, because I am getting so much love from acquaintances and/or strangers on my look. And I'm loving it!!

A great women, motivator, naturalista (yes I just made up another word) and blogger Ms. Floyd at Natural Hair Rules did a posting last week entitled "Has My Natural Offended You"....if you haven't read it, you should. The girl was preaching. Not only has she committed herself to motivated those (like myself) embarking on a natural hair journey, but those who are struggling with loving themselves (the way God made them). I mention her entry for I totally was feeling the sista; definetly today more than when I initially read it. Not to say that I think those around me are offended (which in fact some maybe), but more to send the message of "yes, I cut my long silky mane to have silky kinky coils...I'm sexier than ever now....AND I could care less of what you think". Lol. And from the attention I've been getting, its evident they feel the same. Lol.

I guess the lesson is that you have to love yourself before anyone else can love you. Remember that you can't control how others feel or view you, but you can control how YOU feel about YOU. Its a long's day journey family. As long as God is for you, who can be against you.

The orAKAle has spoken........

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Treat Your Job Search Like a Marathon

I say this post on a different list I'm on. I wanted to do my part in assisting others to find employment during these recession times. Take a look at the article posted below. The source is noted at the bottom for further follow up:
Published: 6/12/09, 2:17 PM EDT
In this recession, you may be surprised how long it's taking to find a job, especially if previous searches have gone fairly quickly. Unfortunately, as the unemployment rate continues to climb, more people are looking for work and the competition only gets tougher. Need advice for making it through a long job search? Take the same approach you would if you were running a marathon. Here are some ways in which the two activities are similar and tips you can use to land a new position:

You have to be patient
If you expect to spend just a few weeks training for a marathon, you'll be in for a rude awakening the day of the race. Competitors often spend months preparing. When it comes to the job search, the same holds true: You must have a realistic expectation of the time involved. Steeling yourself for an extended search can help you ward off frustration and lead to a pleasant surprise if you reach your goal sooner than expected.

You must put in the effort
Training for a marathon means waking up early to train, watching what you eat and enduring countless practice sessions. Finding a job takes a lot of work, too, from scouring the Internet for open positions to creating targeted application materials to networking with others in your field. That's why it's good to have a system in place. Set aside time each day to focus on your search and stick to your routine. For example, you may spend two hours each morning scanning online job boards for leads and the same amount of time in the afternoon reaching out to members of your network and establishing new contacts.

You don't have to go it alone
Some runners train on their own, but many form groups to help keep them motivated and on track. Looking for work doesn't have to be a private pursuit either. Reach out to friends, family and former colleagues to let them know you're on the job hunt; they may be able to provide you with job leads or referrals. In-person contact is important when networking; instead of relying solely on e-mail or Web sites such as LinkedIn, talk to people on the phone, take them to lunch or meet up with them in the evening.

Explore those avenues that allow you to network with others who are searching for employment. For example, you might consider joining a job-search club or attending a "pink-slip party," during which recently laid-off professionals connect with companies that are hiring and recruiting firms. In addition to expanding your base of contacts, you can share success strategies with others in your same situation.

You should set goals
Properly training for a marathon requires you to set regular goals for improving your speed and endurance. You also should set goals during your job hunt. For instance, you may seek to add one new contact to your network each week or complete a training course in a new software application within six months. Having an objective to work toward will help you stay focused and ensure you continue to move forward, improving your chances of finding a job. After reaching your target, treat yourself to a small reward -- like dinner out -- to keep motivation high.

You need the right gear
Wearing the proper shoes and clothing can make the difference in avoiding injuries and being comfortable while training for and running in a marathon. Your job hunt "gear" is your application materials. Your résumé and cover letter should be targeted to each opening you respond to. Ideally, they should also include keywords from the job posting. Many employers use software to search applications for these terms in order to determine which candidates should continue in the hiring process. And make sure your documents are in top-notch shape by carefully proofreading them before submission. Eighty-four percent of executives Robert Half polled said it takes just one or two typographical errors in a résumé to remove a candidate from consideration for a job opening.

Training for a marathon and looking for a job can both take a long time and require a tremendous amount of effort. But keep in mind the feeling you get when you cross the finish line or are offered a job you want; it's clear then that all the hard work has been worth it.

Source - Robert Half International Inc. is the world's first and largest specialized staffing firm with a global network of more than 360 offices worldwide. For more information about our professional services, please visit

Sunday, June 14, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You.....Know when to let it go!

I know we have all heard of the new movie with this title, but I am not sure if you've heard or read the book....I have! Its a great resource (in my opinion) for all women across the globe!

Today's post is short, sweet and straight to the point...don't force something that is not there ladies. If he hasn't called you back OR is being very fickled about communications with you, etc...he's just not that into you.

Is your main interst very vague and is not clueing you in on "how to proceed"...after a few months or so of "dating"...hunny he is not that into you.

OR (this one is long..but hear me - you meet someone, randomly but casually, who is let's say from out of town and they ACT like they want to hang out, get to know you, etc.. You all gel perfectly and you think that the inital meeting will lead to a follow up before BOTH bail out to perspective locations...but you soone come to find out they are not interested in including you in the plans being made (whether it be outings, concerts, etc)...but claimed they wanted YOU to go out with them AND really want to get to know you better...but the actions are speaking something totally different than the empty words.....HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU!!!!!

The orAKAle has spoken......

Monday, June 8, 2009

MIA Artists.....official APB

About two posts ago, I did a mini APB on all MIA artist. The categories crossed over many genre lines for good quality music is just that GOOD music. WELL due to the resounding response of those who launched their own investigations (lol), I decided it was time for a separate post. This is not the final list, for I plan to continuously update this list as the calls for concerns come in :)

Below are a list of artist that are definitely MIA (in some form) that the fans want back immediately! Notice the diversity of group. Thanks to all those who assisted with contributing to this list. Ransom notes for their rescue are welcomed...but I can not guarantee that you will get paid a dime for them (lol):

~ Guy
~ Bel Biv Devoe
~ Blackstreet (allegedly are back together and are touring as I typed)
~ Boys to Men (and I do mean ALL of the members...even though one is sick)
~ Celine Dion
~ Envogue (original members only please)
~ H-Town (new single called "Call Me Mr. Pacman....hmmm)
~ Ice Cube
~ Janet Jackson (I know you boo'd up but please take back your thrown)
~ Kelly Price
~ Kenny Latimore
~ Maxwell (originally on the list but has a new album out)
~ Missy Elliot (even though she is till on EVERYONE else's hits)
~ New Edition
~ Sade
~ Tamia
~ Vivian Green (girl I really miss you)
~ Whitney Houston (new album set to release in the fall)

To be continued....the orAKAle has spoken.......

Weighing in on a few subjects......

I'm so proud of myself right now family. I said that I was going to attempt to blog once a week (not once every time I rember) to document my successes, failures and hopefully speak to current trends or affairs in our wonderful world. Today I wanted to comment on a few subjects or give snippets of how I am feeling this morning. Again, these are random thoughts that I am having (as usual), but I feel that there is definitely some truth to them all:

When it Rain, it pours - it is looking gloomy outside. In Missouri, we woke up to loud thunder (literally over my room) and lots of rain...that was noisey. I mean really mother nature, is it really that serious? Can I not go back to sleep now (keeping in mind I was suppose to be up at 5:30 am anyway to work out)? Lol. I'm so over this June weather people. Maybe July will be better.

The American Sentencing - for those of you who have been living under a rock for the past few weeks, two American journalist (Laura Ling and Euna Lee) were sentenced to 12 years of labor in a in North Korea. I think it is very imporatant that this sort of news gets to the people and that we stay abreast of the findings. Why, because we as people take our freedoms for granted (at times). We have two individuals who wanted to expose human trafficing and how it effects us all. They are true examples of bravery and justice for all. This situation has really inspired me to speak up for what I know is right and to be apart of the solution not the problem.

Lady GaGa - Have you heard of her? Perez Hilton loves this young superstar. She is being called the new Madonna.....not sure if I would go that far, but I do think she is talented. Once you get past the house music/pop sound, the girl has a very powerful voice. Sing off, who would win Lady Ga Ga or Bey? Lol. I absolutely love that Po Po Po Po Poker Face song...random I know....moving on....

Taste of Chicago here I come - This year I am fortunate to be able to attend the Taste of Chicago this month. I've only been once and it was literally at the end of the I missed out on the majority of the performances. This is an event that people from all over speak about and honestly, I want to know what the big hype is about. My only concern is I'm curious to how pescitarian (fish and seafood only) friendly this event is, considering I'm allergic to seafood :(

Missing in Action (MIA) - The following artist have officially had an APB put on on them (because I want them back)...because seriously I am concerned about them:

~ Guy
~ Blackstreet
*** NEWS FLASH - The above two are back together and are touring the country***
~ Boys to Men
~ Ice Cube
~ Janet Jackson
~ Tamia
~ Usher
~ Vivian Green (girl I really miss you)

Hair update - So I recenlty allowed my lovely sister (see previous post) "experiment" with some braids on me. After having these "braids" for about 6 weeks, I ready to take them out (early I know). I recently tried a new technique for doing a twist out set that turned out really good. I absolutely love my hair...don't know why it took me so long to go natural. I will say that its a days journey though. I must admit that I did not set myself up for realistic expectations with my hair texture...but in the end I love my hair....short...nappy and silky. Lol. The lesson is to love yourself for who YOU are and the way GOD made you. We were created in his image. Who are we to alter that?

Below is are pictures of both my braiding and my TWA.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Sister's Love - A Bond that Can't Be Broken

I'm not sure if I have ever talked to you all about my sister. It's amazing that I haven't up until now, for she is part of the reason why I am who I am. One part of my back bone, as she is referred to in private, that helps keeps my head up and grounded when needed. A women who knows AND loves the Lord, committed to the excellency of our youth and someone I can truly call my best friend.

For those who don't know, my sister is actually "my lil sis
"...the one I always refer to in my tweets, etc. While there is a five year difference in age, she is one of the most mature women I admire. As all of us have, she has been victim of adversary and heartache, but instead of wallowing in her self pity, she pulled herself up by her boot straps and pressed on, giving all the glory to God and seeking him first before everything. Because of her dedication and determination in her professional and personal life, she continues to be blessed AND also serve as a huge blessing for many.

Below are some pictures of my sister and I:

This is our "celebrity out and about...paparazzi caught us" picture....lmbo....don't

This is by far one of my favorite pictures of us. We were out to dinner with friends and randomly had a photo opt.

Who would've known then that these pictures would turn out to mean so much to me and also show the love that we have as sisters (a bond that can not be broken). Today I celebrate my sister....someone who has helped me through so much and mean the world to me. If you have siblings, tell them you love them and/or reach out to them. I assure you that not only would they appreciate it, but you will feel so much better as well.

The orAKAle has spoken......