Thursday, February 26, 2009

Advice for the Day (AFTD)

Hello all. I first want to apologize for not posting in awhile. As I’m sure you many of you will agree, life has been a little overwhelming lately with all the things going on around us. But I must say, the recent current events in my life (personal, professional, etc) have taught me that I still must take time for myself and do the things I love. So with that being said, I came up with a new segment to the blog called “advice for the day”. The ultimate goal family is to bring forth some advice to everyone once in awhile that may be beneficial for either yourself or others you know. This may be due to experiences or something current in our society…who knows….but I will say this, it will NEVER be directed towards anyone personally (or I will try not too). So let’s begin…….today’s AFTD is:

“Either stick to your commitments people….or don’t make the commitment in the first place”

Don’t you hate it when people say they are going to do something….and never follow through? Or how about when you’ve counted on someone to assist you with something or participate in an activity (like in a group project, work related task. etc) and they don’t complete what they said they were going too? This urks me to the fullest extent. Why commit to complete something if you know dang on well you’re going to drop the ball? What is the point in opening your mouth in the first place and COMMITTING to the task, activity, project, etc?

For those of you who may be in school and require group participation for full completion of a course know exactly where I’m coming from. Lol. Don’t you hate when you spend the time to divvy out responsibilities (and we do this at work a lot as well) and that one person can’t ever seem to hold up their end of the bargain? Now you and/or the rest of the group have to deal with the consequences…all because this one person couldn’t be about their word……sad really.

See I am nicer than most people…give me some notice (heck even last minute at times) and I will adjust. I may even do your part this ONE time to get the task completed. Now when you start to repeat this behavior that is when I have a problem. Let’s be honest, we’ve all fallen short at least once…but on a regular basis….like that’s your reputation….oh no…unacceptable!

So….think long and hard about your commitment level because you never know who and what may be affected by your actions (or should I say lack thereof….)

The orAKAle has spoken…………….

Sunday, February 8, 2009

"Don't Do Me......No Really"

Disclaimer – This entry will be short and straight to the point. I apologize in advance for misspelled words and overall flow of the subject…but I got some stuff to get off my chest (a quick vent).

First let me start by saying that I am a very caring, nurturing and emotional person. Some would say that those traits are set backs, but I believe in taking how God made you and making the best of it (playing the cards you were dealt)….so with that being said, I really don’t like when people play on those traits to their benefit (because of their insecurities). What I’m saying is when people are inconsiderate and only think how they act, express their views, etc is law. Do I not have my own personality and opinions? Can they not be totally opposite of yours? If so, is that a bad thing or a good thing? Can’t I just do me…..and you do you?

The one thing that is great about this country is that we can have our own views and EXPRESS THEM. Whether others agree or not, we can still stand our own ground and HOPEFULLY not get persecuted (lol). While we are taught to practice some tact and to be tolerant (don’t really like that word) of others opinions and values, we don’t have to. I understand that not everyone will except me or my views or even agree with me…but a common respect should be practice (but we know that is not always the case).

A word to the wise (cause you never know who may be reading this)….be conscience of what you say to people, how you treat others and how others may interpret you. I know I am guilty of having to watch what I say and how others perceive me (and I’ve learned so much), so why in the world can’t others ATTEMPT to do the same (I know…a lofty wish huh…)? I am who I am because that is the way GOD made me…and I’m ok with that…….lol… you and IMMA DO ME!!

So what did we learn today kids: If you don’t like what someone has to say, either find a way to tell them (if you really feel strongly against the subject) or keep your mouth shut….period….paragraph.

The orAKAle has spoken…………………….